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Are Amazon Affiliate Websites Worth It?

There are several ways to make money online; FREELANCING is the most popular. Did you ever think of starting Passive Income from affiliate marketing or blogging? It has the highest ROI (Return of Investment), typically 35x of the average income of six months!

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Amazon Affiliate Website Income Screenshot

We don’t want to inspire you by showing our current income statement.

These screenshots reflect only the opportunity of ROI.

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1. Idea

Nowadays, investing in an affiliate or ad-based blog site has become risky. Repeated Google updates have made life miserable for bloggers and affiliate marketers. So we have decided to start shared affiliate projects. This will divide the risk factor of investment among some partners and fuel up to grow quickly. Newbie or proficient SEO learners will get the opportunity to launch their first site with little investment.

2. Prototype


We have been running several Amazon affiliate projects and blog sites since 2020 with a group of SEO students and investors. Initially, we were all here to learn and practice SEO. Later, we began investing money to buy content when profits started coming. Alhamdulillah, so far, we have managed to flip three sites. The rest of the projects are still ongoing.

We have already planned a few more projects. We currently have investor slots open for six more projects. We will start these projects one by one if we get qualified investors.

Who is this business opportunity for?

You can be a partner with us if you know basic SEO, have an idea about affiliate marketing website workflow, require investment, and are capable of investing a minimum of twenty five thousand BDT with three installment.


You need to answer some question via google form to prove yourself that you have minimum knowledge about SEO and blogging business.

Apply here

3. Offer

We already have some small investors. Mutual deals are already finalized before starting those projects with them. We cannot introduce any new shareholders in those projects. You can only participate in our upcoming projects. We will not take more than four investors in one niche site project. If you want to build a vast, authoritative site, then the number of investors can be increased.

Fundamental Plan of Action

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Niche Selection

The first step to start our journey! Selecting a niche is vital to run a project.


Keyword Research

Choosing the right keywords is the key to success in blogging business.


Content Writing

Content is the king in terms of SEO and blogs


Content Publishing

On Page and Off Page is the is the structured way to pass signal to search console about your article.

Backlinks & Site Maintenance

Once we publish a decent number of articles on our shared website project, it’s time to build some quality links based on our niche. Also, social share, gather EAT, content planning, SILO structure, content optimization and much more things to do…

Figure: Backlinks – Author: Seobility – License: CC BY-SA 4.0

Partnership Business Proposal


We will first create an affiliate blog website, we will promote products, generate sales, get commission from Amazon or other affiliate marketplace sites.

Maybe we will put some ads on our blog site to earn more.


After certain period of time, we will flip the site and distribute the money among us.

How Partnership will work

The affiliate website journey begins with a niche selection. Once we form our partnership, we will discuss site planning, strategy, outsource writer etc. We will outsource experts if required. Everyone’s opinion will be given equal importance here.

Terms & Conditions

Once we agree to start our partnership, we will raise a fund by contributing a minimum of ten thousand taka to each shareholder. A written legal stamp paper document will be made by us including all the terms and conditions.

We will use a common Gmail account to create all the necessary accounts. This will be accessible by all he partners. Real time income and site status can be accessible by individual accounts.

Sale commission will be distributed instantly once we receive the money.

An amazon affiliate project needs a minimum of 1.5 lack taka investment initially. We will run the project for at least 1.5 years. Afterward, we will take opinions from all the investors on whether we should go further with the project or sell the site.

Okey, now what about, if the project fails!

Nobody can guarantee that a website will generate money. Most of the time site can’t run due to investment for pushing more content. The site owner gets frustrated very quickly, because the affiliate project does not generate instant income. It takes time to generate income. Only publishing articles on each keyword is enough, you have to give time to mature the content. Then it will rank!

Now, in our years of experience, a site can’t be penalized by google for the whole life. If a site is hit by google in one update, it will recover by the next update, provided, you need to work on it.

Hurry Up!

Register Today &

Become a Partner

We are excited to announce that our new shared niche project will start in the middle of next month. If you are interested in investing and working with the team, please register.

remaining time


You can schedule a google meet meeting with me for further discussion. To book a meeting slot please click the link below.

Frequently Asked Question

Well, there is a proverb, “The more, the merrier.” If you want to earn more, you need to invest more. At least 1.5 lack taka is required to publish 40 written content by professional writers and info contents generates by us.

It depends on growth of the project and other shareholders opinion.

We will distribute the money according to our contract agreement. Afterward, if you agree to start a new project, you are always welcome.

Investment is always considered as taking a risk. We always tried to minimize risk factor, and that’s how shared niche project idea comes up. From many years of experience, we have seen that a website takes a hit in Google update once, it backs again in the next Google core update. So we can say, chances of your entire investment going to zero is very less.

We understand you have got talent. This time we are looking for investors, not offering internship opportunity.

Still interested to work with us?

Send your CV mentioning subject “Looking for internship opportunity” Email: [email protected]

Yeas, sure you can. At least 3 months prior notice is required.

Initially we will target to run the site for at least 1.5 years. If the site is growing and earning a lot of revenue, we will keep publishing new content and article.

We will make a written agreement on stamp paper.

Because we are planning to scale up our business with a minimum risk factors.

We rarely sell our service. We are always focused on our existing affiliate projects. I can’t manage time to enrich those pages with a lot of content.


Rifat Ahmed, CEO, Digital Vision

Hello! I am Rifat Ahmed, 36 years of age and father of two sons. I am staying in Dhaka.

I have been working in Qatar for five years since 2015. I have to leave Qatar in 2020 due to Corona. From that time, I became passionate about digital marketing and affiliate marketing. Being an electrical engineer by profession and having experienced being involved in several technical projects with the Bangladesh Army, it didn’t take long to learn digital marketing and affiliate marketing.

Currently, I am maintaining eight affiliate projects seriously, and four are in the queue.

I hope to start a new profitable project with you very soon!

Digital Vision is a digital marketing agency helps businesses grow online. We are experts in website design, content writing, social media management, digital marketing and SEO. With our experience, we can build a website that is powerful, intuitive, and dynamic. We focus on the needs of small to middle market businesses to improve and grow their return. We offer to increase Integrated social media campaigns for your digital presence and reach! Our team has years of experience working with Amazon affiliates to help them increase traffic and sales through their websites and YouTube channels.

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